Powder-Trans takes over RHD-Kuljetus

RHD-Kuljetus Ky´s business will be taken over by Powder-Trans Ab Oy starting 1.4.2017.
RHD-Kuljetus, located in Lohja, has been a haulier of construction raw materials since 60´s.
Powder-Trans, established 1972 in Kemiö, now located in Lieto, is a family-owned dry bulk transportation company. By this acquisition Powder-Trans will strenghten its position amongst the biggest operators in dry bulk transport branch in the Nordic countries.
-We are looking forward for cooperation with our new business associates. RHD´s line of business is similar with our´s and with this acquisition we can better meet with customers´ demands, says Powder-Trans´ CEO Fredrik Blomqvist.


Digitalization of supply chain between Finnsementti and Powder-Trans

Powder-Trans has developed in co-operation with Finnsementti automatization of order handling. Integration between Finnsementti´s SemNet and Powder-Trans´ ERP system LogiPlan is completed and orders move automatically from SemNet to LogiPlan. This integration is first of its kind.
In practice this means that when a customer makes an order in SemNet, the order moves to Logiplan after the traffic leader has accepted it.From LogiPlan the order will be sent to a vehicle and a driver can see the details the customer has provided to the system, such as silo number, gate code etc.
Earlier the traffic leader has manually created orders to LogiPlan based to the information he has gotten from SemNet and then sent them to the trucks. One benefit of the integration is that the orders are being created automatically, therefore the possibility of mistake reduces.
When driver has delivered the load the order can be seen in SemNet as “Delivered”.


Read the article of bulk transports in Dagens Industri

Read the article (in Swedish) of bulk transports in Nordic Countries in Dagens Industri. See the link below:


Stop, Look and Wave

Traffic safety day for children in grades 1 to 6 was kept 2.9.2016 at Loukinainen school in Lieto. Volvo´s campaign Stop, Look and Wave.

DSC_1203 DSC_1201 DSC_1187 DSC_1166 Pysähdä_Katso ja Vilkuta


Order Portal

Powder-Trans has opened an order portal for customers´ use. Via portal orders can be created easily and effortless.

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